Commission Information

I am happy to paint either individual models or whole units/armies. I can work to a specific brief if necessary or be left to come up with colour schemes and designs myself. If you have something specific in mind please provide reference material.

• A character model or vehicle painted to a high standard will cost approximately £30-40 depending on complexity.
• A unit of five models painted to a good tabletop standard will cost approximately £20 depending on complexity.

These prices are just a guide and some models may cost more or less depending on size, level of detail and the complexity of the colour scheme. Get in touch with details of what you want me to do and I will get back to you with a specific quote.

You can email me at:

Once a commission is complete I’ll email pictures of the finished work and send a email invoice for the work and return shipping.

Note: Although I will endeavour to paint models according to the brief provided, please bear in mind that I am an artist and have my own style of painting which involves layering and edge highlights. If you want models painting in a different style you might wish to consider another artist.

Clean Up and Preparation

Let me know if you wish me to purchase the models or if you will be providing them and also whether you’d like me to assemble them or they are pre-assembled. I would prefer that you allow me to assemble the models as that way I can be certain they are cleaned and assembled to a high standard to provide the best possible finish.

Please note that multi-part models and figures that just need a lot of clean up may incur additional charges. As may larger numbers of models. Contact me for details.

Get a Quote

All you have to do is send me a list of the work you would like to be done (how many models, what colour scheme you want, how you want them basing etc).

Basing and customization is entirely up to you. Again, I will quote for this depending on complexity. Simple bases with sand and flock will be cheaper than more complex scenic bases.


I prefer all payments done via bank transfer. If the payment is done via Paypal, Paypal costs should be taken into consideration.

Additional Points

• I’m happy for clients to arrange to have models sent directly to me from retailers. If necessary I can order models myself but I will require payment for those items before ordering.
• Anything sent from outside the EU might incur customs charges. In the event this happens, these charges will be passed onto the customer.


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