Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be…

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Random Musings
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There seems to be a trend among Games Workshop’s recent releases for nostalgic models. We’ve had Donarian Clawed Fiends, Jokaero Weapon Smiths, the Badab War and the return of the Chaos Dwarfs. I’m glad to see that this has continued with Forge-World’s latest release, the Eldar Corsairs (which can be found here).

Eldar Mercenaries from Rogue Trader

These guys have the wasp wings originally depicted in the Rogue Trader artwork for Eldar Mercenaries as well as retro helmet designs. They also appear to have las-weaponry which is a nice return to the old days when Guardians could be armed with lasguns as well as shuriken catapults. I think these releases not only look great and capture the RT-era feel very well but also help to tie GW’s current background in with Rogue Trader. Over the years newer army books and codices have moved away from the original background somewhat as they have developed the universe but these new releases help to ‘fill in’ the gaps between the earlier books and the newer ones. The blurb for the Corsairs published on the Forge-World website nicely locates them between Craftworld Eldar and Dark Eldar in explaining where they’ve come from and how the Eldar as they were originally described in Rogue Trader relate to what we think of as the Eldar today. No doubt we’ll see lots of corsair armies cropping up in the future. Personally I’m planning on adding some to my fledgling Saim-Hann army, possibly painted up in an old-school colour scheme of grey armour and yellow striped helmets. Watch this space.


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