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In my last post I hinted at other projects which are currently occupying my time. One of these was the Mordheim freelance knight. I have always loved this model and, although I have no plans to get back into playing the game, I really wanted to paint this guy up. I think that the rag-tag look of the knight with his torn breeches and mismatched armour perfectly captures the feel of Mordheim and I tried to carry this through in the painting with a slightly shoddy, ill-kempt look to his equipment. This was achieved by first painting the armour with Boltgun Metal and then applying very thin washes of different shades of brown starting with Vermin Fur followed by increasingly darker shades (Bestial Brown, Dark Flesh and Scorched Brown). With the early washes you can be quite liberal but with the darker colours you need to target specific areas so that you don’t end up with a brown mess. The metal was then tided up with Boltgun Metal. I kept the other colours fairly muted too but added a bright red feather in order to add a splash of colour and to give him a dashing look.

The base is one of my favourite parts of this model. Recently I have been painting models for gaming and have kept the bases simple and so for this model I wanted to try something a little different and add a more elaborate base in order to really set the scene. To this end I used cobblestones from Minaco and coarse sand in order to build up the base and add depth. These were painted Scorched Brown and then drybrushed Snakebite Leather followed by Graveyard Earth, Kommando Khaki and Bleached bone. Gryphone Sepia and Devlan Mud washes were then applied in order to add colour. Silflor grass tufts were added between the cobbles. When the glue was dry, they were washed with very thin Scorched Brown in order to dull them down and tie them in with the base. This results in a more natural look.

I hope you like the finished result.

It’s been quite a while since my last proper post but I haven’t been idle. Work has been continuing slowly on my Farseer and I’ve also been working on other projects which I hope to share with you soon. With the Farseer I’ve added some freehand to the edge of the robes and I’ve started work on the staff (although the staff has quite a way to go before it’s finished). I’ve also finished work on the back of the cape. I’m very pleased with the black which is a colour I find difficult to paint without it ending up too flat or too grey. Hopefully the blueish black I’ve used here has avoided both. So far I’ve ended up using lots of new techniques on this model including the black and the freehand and it’s been quite a learning experience. I think this is set to become one of my favourite models to date.