Farseer painting continues

Posted: Jun 3, 2011 in Eldar, Work-In-Progress
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It’s been quite a while since my last proper post but I haven’t been idle. Work has been continuing slowly on my Farseer and I’ve also been working on other projects which I hope to share with you soon. With the Farseer I’ve added some freehand to the edge of the robes and I’ve started work on the staff (although the staff has quite a way to go before it’s finished). I’ve also finished work on the back of the cape. I’m very pleased with the black which is a colour I find difficult to paint without it ending up too flat or too grey. Hopefully the blueish black I’ve used here has avoided both. So far I’ve ended up using lots of new techniques on this model including the black and the freehand and it’s been quite a learning experience. I think this is set to become one of my favourite models to date.

  1. khayne666 says:

    This is awesome sauce!!!!

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