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Posted: Jul 22, 2011 in Eldar, Epic: Armageddon
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Epic: Armageddon

I’ve been interested in Epic for a long time now. It is often lauded as a much more tactical game than 40k. Also, the vast scale of the battles has always appealed to me. I remember back in the mid-nineties I saw a battle report in White Dwarf between Eldar and Chaos. The models looked great en mass and really created the sense of massive battles and gargantuan war machines that the background of 40k described. I went out and bought a set of Epic Eldar models but at that time I was new to the hobby and, after breaking a few of them cutting them off the sprue and ruining others with dreadful paint jobs, I lost interest and the rest of the models sat neglected for over a decade while I returned to 28mm models.

However, despite this early disappointing encounter with Epic I have always remained interested. One of my great inspirations was Carl Woodrow’s website Dropship (and later his blog, Drop Pod). Although the site is quite old now it is still worth a look for Carl’s excellent models and painting tips. One of the things I really admire about Carl’s Epic models is the fact that he treats them like models and not just playing pieces despite their tiny size. I think you will be able to clearly see his influence on the models below, especially in the basing style.

Anyway, recently I have joined a club which has an active Epic group and this has reignited my interest in trying the game. Over the last couple of months I have been painting those old models from the nineties as well as adding to them with newer models. I now have a small army assembled. Below are the finished units.

Guardians of Saim-Hann

Fluff-wise, Guardians are the backbone of a Craftworld’s armies so I decided to begin with two formations of them. I knew that for models of this scale I would need a striking colour scheme so that they didn’t get lost on the table. Anything too subtle simply wouldn’t show up at a distance so I settled on the bright red and white of Saim-Hann. I think this provides a strong contrast to the greens of the bases and they really stand out.

This is a basic warhost. When basing the models I tried to reflect the way that the models are fielded in 40k and added some Warlocks to some of the Guardian stands. In game terms they don’t do anything but I think it adds a bit of visual interest to the troops.

This second formation has had some of the basic Guardians swapped out for some weapon platforms. The Epic: Armageddon rule book allows quite a lot of latitude when it comes to basing models and, as such, these are based on the Battle of Five Armies bases which I think look a lot better than the old square bases as these are a little too small for a weapon platform and two crew. These Guardian models (and the platforms) are from the nineties set and are armed with lasguns. I’ve also added a few Guardians with heavy weapons. Again, this has no bearing on the rules but it looks good considering that this is my ‘shooty’ unit.

I’ve  followed Carl Woodrow and mounted my commanders on larger bases as befits their status. This allows for a more interesting arrangement of the models on the base. I’ve also included some of the old standard bearers to distinguish my command bases and make them easily identifiable in battle.


Here are some upgrades for the Guardian units, Vibro-cannons (support weapon platforms) and Wraithguard. A Spirit Seer was added to the Wraithguard and ruins were placed on the bases to add some interest. I used rangers as  crewmen on a lot of the weapons. This is a nod back to the days when weapon platform crew wore overcoats.


An Eldar army needs some Grav-Tanks. I’ve used a mix of Forge World’s excellent resin Wave Serpents and some older plastic Falcons. I plan on updating the Falcons with FW models as soon as I’ve managed to find enough of them on ebay (unfortunately much of FW’s Epic range is no longer available). I’ve mounted all of my tanks on Warmaster bases using brass rod and decorated them with a mix of different kinds of flock and clump foliage. The Wave Serpents will end up as transports for my Aspect Warriors.

Up next

Hopefully I will be able to get a game of Epic in next week. Before then I want to get my Aspect Warrior formation finished along with some jetbikes (after all, it wouldn’t be a Saim-Hann army without a few jetbikes). I’ll post these as soon as they are finished.

Have a great weekend.

  1. Carl Woodrow says:

    Something I meant to comment on in my post the other day was on the use of the first edition Falcons. I cannot give this a big enough thumbs up!
    One of the things I really feel strongly about with Epic in particular, but it equally applies to all collections is to never ever discard anything just because it has been replaced by a newer design.
    Incorporating older miniatures like you have done with the Falcon above is what really makes an army stand out; it differentiates it from all the other armies out there and to be honest I think it brings great character.
    All too many collectors discard older models out of hand far too easily. To me, it a greater challenge to work out instead how to bring the older design into the modern fold, exactly as you have done here.

    One of my most cherished treasure troves is the darkest corner of the Epic bits box, the corner that holds all of the left overs from first and second edition … that is modelling gold dust to me.

    .. that goes double for Orks naturally.

    Great job,
    Carl Woodrow

    • Andrew King says:

      I used the older models as I happened to have them to hand. However, they have painted up nicely and make a great addition to the force. Although they are showing their age slightly I think they are still very nice models.

  2. Patrick Lee says:

    Hi there, Andrew!

    Your EA stuff is looking rather nice so far. How much are you planning on painting or have you finished the Eldar? I’ve got stack loads of IG to paint up but I’m looking forward to getting stuck in with the new citadel paints. I’m hoping the washes will help reduce painting time considerabally. I work full time, have a girlfriend, go gym etc., all whilst trying to finsh my Msc. I’m hoping the new shades will help out alot as they seem to shade everything to an acceptable level.

    Good luck with everything! All your stuff looks great so far so keep up the good work. I must start one of these blogs myself to encourage me to crack on with things.

    All the best,

    • Andrew King says:

      Hi Patrick,

      I’m pleased you like my Epic models. I’m taking a break from Eldar at the moment but I will probably return to them at a later date as there are a few units I would like to add to my army (including some of Forge World’s excellent aircraft). At the moment I’m working on orks as a bit of a change of pace.

      Good luck with your Imperial Guard. I know how difficult it is to juggle hobby stuff with other commitments and find enough time to get an army finished. My experience of the new paints has been all good so far. However, I have only tried a few colours and so I can’t comment on the whole range.

      If you do start a blog send me a link as I always enjoy seeing other people’s EA models.

      All the best,

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