Wild Riders of Saim-Hann

Posted: Jul 25, 2011 in Eldar, Epic: Armageddon
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Over the weekend I managed to finish my jetbikes. These are such an emblematic unit of the Eldar, and Saim-Hann in particular, that I just had to include some. To mount them I clipped off the chunky plastic flight stand that is attached to the model and, after filing the area smooth, drilled a small hole with a pin vice and inserted a length of brass rod. Not only is the brass rod less obtrusive than the original plastic stand, but it provides the opportunity to add a little more dynamism to the models by changing the height or the angles at which the jetbikes are flying. I chose to add only two jetbikes to each stand as I thought any more than this would look too crowded (the rulebook suggests using between two and four models per stand).

For painting all of my Eldar I started with a black undercoat over which I applied Scab Red. This was then highlighted using Red Gore, a Red Gore/Blood Red mix and finally pure Blood Red. For the jetbikes I added a few details such as the freehand ‘cosmic serpent’ emblem and the blue gemstones. A few simple touches like this really makes the models stand out.

  1. Mister Feral says:

    Great Jetbikes, the symbols on the hull are well done.

    I too went for the brass rod for the bases on my Screamers, works wonders. 🙂

    By the way, where are those ruins on the bases from?

  2. Andrew King says:

    I’m glad you like the models. Strips of ruins were originally included on the sprues with the long rectangular bases when they were first released (late nineties early naughties I think). For some reason GW got rid of them with the newer models and now you only get the bases. It’s a shame as they were a nice addition to the bases or they could be used as terrain pieces.

    I like your blog by the way, especially your Plague Marines. I’ve added you to my blogroll.

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