Eldar reinforcements arrive

Posted: Jul 26, 2011 in Eldar, Epic: Armageddon
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More Eldar reinforcements burst from the webway (or my painting table anyway). Here is my formation of Aspect Warriors along with my Autarch. When it came to painting, using the Aspect colours was an obvious choice. For models of this scale it made sense to use the traditional colours in order distinguish them on the tabletop. It also afforded me the opportunity to take a break from painting red.


Here is my supreme commander, an Eldar Autarch. I wanted to do something a bit special with this stand and so I added an entourage to accompany him into battle: his personal standard bearer and a Farseer adviser. I chose to use the old Exarch model for the Autarch as it nicely matched the 40k scale Autarch model with the wings. In fact, I wonder if this old Epic model was the inspiration behind the newer sculpt.

I decided to add my Autarch to a unit of Dire Avengers (for those of you unfamiliar with Epic, an Autarch is purchased as a replacement for an Exarch and must be added to an Aspect Warrior stand). This was so that he would benefit from a ranged attack and would be less likely to be killed in combat. Initially I was worried about having the blue Dire Avengers on the same stand as models painted in the red of Saim-Hann. However, the red on their crests combined with the blue on the Farseer’s gemstones and spear help to integrate them. The symbol on the banner is the Autarch rune copied from Codex: Eldar. The other side of the banner bears the symbol of Saim-Hann.

Aspect Warriors

The Dire Avengers were painted Regal Blue and highlighted using Enchanted Blue followed by Ice Blue. The Striking Scorpions were painted Dark Angels Green and Highlighted using Camo Green. Unfortunately the Striking Scorpions don’t stand out all that well against the green of their bases when viewed from a distance.

  1. John says:

    Great looking stuff!

    I’m very glad I followed Carl’s link in his blog over here.

  2. Andrew King says:

    I’m glad you like them.

  3. Angus Slater says:

    That really is an amazing epic board!

    I am not sure whether you hang out on Taccoms but have you seen the Saim-Hann lists for NetEA and EpicUK ( http://www.tacticalwargames.net/taccmd/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=14223 ; http://traitor-legion.appspot.com/chooser.html?list=EL_siamhann_EPICUK ; http://traitor-legion.appspot.com/chooser.html?list=EL_saimhann_NETEA )

    It is going to be great seeing some of these on the table soon, so keep on painting Andy.

    • Andrew King says:

      Thanks, Gus. I’m looking forward to finally getting a few games in now I have a substantial amount of stuff painted.

      As for the Saim-Hann lists, for now I’ll probably just stick to the GW list as this is the one I based my army round. I’m not sure I have the right models painted up for the other lists. Once I get a few more units painted up I can experiment with different lists.

  4. Chris says:

    Is the Eldar banner bearer in the current models shipped by Games Workshop ?
    I have some older Eldar kits but never seen the banner bearer before.

  5. Andrew King says:

    I do not believe so. I bought the ‘Eldar War Host’ box in the mid-nineties which is where most of my infantry comes from. I think they were taken out of the set in the Epic 40,000 era. This thread over on Tactical Command might be useful to you if you want to track down some specific models:


    • Chris says:

      Thanks. That thread was very useful.They are early 1990’s models.

      Will have to keep an eye out for them on e-bay.

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