The phantom menace

Posted: Sep 5, 2011 in Eldar, Epic: Armageddon
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Here is my Phantom Titan. The model itself is from the Epic 40,000 era. Although it is a little clunkier than other iterations of the Phantom I really like it and think that the model has real weight and presence. I tried to assemble the model with more dynamism than you get from the stock model and this involved turning the hips slightly and positioning one leg in front of the other.  A lot of pinning was needed in order to get it all to hold together but this should have the added bonus of providing the model with plenty of durability in play. The angle of the head reinforces the sense of movement as though the titan is striding forward over some ruins and turning to face a new target.

Painting wise I tried something a little different and applied zenithal highlighting with an airbrush. This adds to the sense of size by providing shadow. I’m not sure how noticeable the effect is in the photos. The ruins on the base are also there to provide scale.

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