Inaugural games of Epic

Posted: Sep 28, 2011 in Eldar, Epic: Armageddon
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I deploy my forces on one of the club's tables


Last week I played my first couple of games of Epic: Armageddon, one at the local club and the other at my friend Gus’s house at the weekend. I must say, I certainly am impressed. The game flowed smoothly and, despite being unfamiliar with the rules, was quite fast-paced. The rules are very intuitive making them easy to pick up. There are also a number of original and interesting rules that make the game very different from anything else by Games Workshop that I’ve played. Aspects of the game that I particularly like are the activation sequence and the way blast markers work. For me, both of these rules are simple differences which really influence how the game is played. The alternating activations is more fun than the ‘you go-I go’ turn sequence of 40k as both players are involved at all times rather than having to wait ages while your opponent moves every model in his army. It also makes the game more tense and tactically challenging as you cannot be certain what is going to happen in the turn. Blast markers are also a simple but effective rule and represent the psychological aspect of battle without being overly-complicated.

The initial set-up for our game at Gus's


The second game was a 6,000 point Eldar vs Chaos game played at Gus’s apartment on his work-in-progress board. The Eldar force was made up of 3,000 points of Saim-Hann contributed by myself and 3,000 points of Ben’s Eldar. The game was great fun but ended in a 0-0 draw after turn three owing to time constraints. Although neither side had achieved its objectives, the Chaos force had gained the upper hand and had more formations on the table at the end of the game. I think if we had continued Gus would probably have won. Overall this was a great gaming experience but I still have a lot to learn about Epic: Armageddon and fielding Eldar in particular.

I’ll leave you with pictures of some highlights from our game.

Gus's Slanneshi marines move into position behind an oil pipeline


My Guardians take up position in some ruins


Wraithguard move out of the webway and open fire on a Landraider formation


My Wave Serpents move into some ruins supported by Ben's jetbikes



  1. Simulated Knave says:

    Looks fun. 🙂

    I think most GW games would be greatly improved by alternating activations – it’s a desperately old concept that they really should look into at this point.

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