Dreadfleet on the starboard bow

Posted: Oct 17, 2011 in Dreadfleet, Terrain, Work-In-Progress
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I must say that on receiving my copy of Games Workshop’s latest limited edition release, Dreadfleet I really was impressed. The box is much larger and weightier than I expected and made of a thick, durable cardboard. There was even a thin sheet of card separating the plastic sprues from the rulebook and cards ensuring that they do not get scratched. The deep box really is filled with plastic and a lot of thought has clearly gone into the layout of the sprues which are absolutely packed with ships, islands, monsters and all manner of gaming accessories. One thing I really like about the set is the fact that, with the obvious exception of the cards and dice, all of the gaming counters/pieces required for the game are models in themselves. It’s little details like this that really make the game stand out. The detail on the models is very crisp and there are very few mold lines to remove. The designers have also made good use of ‘negative space’ on the shipwrecks and models such as the Shadewraith.

I only have a few complaints about the set and these are very minor indeed, hardly worth noting at all. Firstly, the giant skulls are a bit silly but skulls are increasingly becoming a part of the Warhammer aesthetic (so much so in fact that one GW blog post on Dreadfleet reads: “Like all things Dreadfleet, it is, of course, liberally covered in skulls” -29.09.11). I guess it’s just a matter of personal taste. Also, there is only one design of cog for each fleet which is odd considering the amount of detail that has gone into the rest of the design. However, again this is only a very minor complaint, just nitpicking really.

Since its release the internet has been awash with comments and reviews about Dreadfleet, some good, and some bad. However, I for one am certainly very happy with my purchase. Although I have not yet played a game,I am incredibly satisfied with the models which is the primary reason why I bought the game.

Painting the Terrain

When it came to painting the set, I decided to start with the terrain and various gubbins that come in the box as these will be needed for every scenario. So far work has commenced on the islands and shipwreck pieces, all of which are in various stages of painting. For these I started with a coat of Charadon Granite followed by a heavy drybrush of Charadon Granite and Codex Grey and then pure Codex Grey. This looked a little too grey and so I followed this with a slightly more patchy drybrush of Khemri Brown. This was followed with Fortress Grey, a Fortress Grey and Bleached Bone mix and finally Bleached Bone on its own. For each drybrush I used less and less paint until I was only catching the fine details of the model. Watered-down Catachan Green was then applied to add some more variety, concentrating on the bottom of each piece where the tide would result in the rocks becoming very green and slimy. Leviathan Purple (a very appropriately named colour for this project) was then painted into the recesses to add depth and variation to the shadows and to mimic the slightly purplish hue that rocks have in real life.

The water was painted Regal Blue to provide a nice dark base to work from. This was then layered with Hawk Turquoise leaving only the recesses uncovered and highlighted by adding increasing amounts of Skull White to Hawk Turquoise. The water was then randomly washed with Asurmen Blue and Thrakka Green to provide additional variation. The white spray on the crest of the waves was stippled Atronomican Grey followed by Skull White.

More to follow soon. Have a good week.

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