Just a quick update on The Bloody Reaver. This is probably the most purple I have ever painted on a model by quite a long way. I rather enjoyed it though and so may paint up more models in this colour in the future (my mind is already racing with ideas of  Slanneshi Chaos Space Marines).

When it came to painting the sails I chose a darker, more bluish purple than the GW colour scheme. To achieve this, the sails were airbushed Liche Purple followed by an airbrushed highlight of two-parts  Liche Purple, one-part Warlock Purple and one-part Bleached Bone around the edge of the sails. Using a brush I added some finer highlights by adding  more Bleached Bone to the previous mix. In order to achieve a dark, rich look to the purple the sails were then washed with a thinned mix of Liche Purple, Warlock Purple and Chaos Black (roughly a 2/2/1 mix). After this had dried completely I picked out the skeletal designs with Khemri Brown and highlighted them by adding increasing amounts of Bleached Bone followed by Skull White, working through several thin layers to ensure a smooth finish.

All that remains is to paint the anchors and scroll work and the sails will be done.

  1. Neil Holroyd (Halucinagen) says:

    Loving the work you are doing on these Andy.

    Impresive job indeed. Have you played the game yet?

  2. Andrew King says:

    Thanks, Neil.

    I haven’t played a game yet as I would like to get the models painted first. There are two reasons for this: firstly, it looks more impressive to play with painted models, but, more importantly, the ships need to be painted in several sub-assemblies which makes it difficult to play with them before painting.

    Most of the terrain is either finished or nearly finished so I just need to paint The Bloody Reaver and The Heldenhammer in order to play the first scenario. After that I will add ships to each fleet as the scenario requires them.

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