Under construction: Gaming table part 1

Posted: Dec 13, 2011 in Terrain, Work-In-Progress
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Ever since I started the hobby way back in the tail end of 1995 I’ve wanted a fully modelled gaming table. However, owing to constraints of space due to living with parents or being a student I’ve never had the opportunity. Since moving into my current house with my then fiance (now wife) I’ve occasionally thought about making some terrain but our dining room table simply isn’t big enough. This hasn’t really been a problem as up until now I’ve contented myself playing at friends’ houses or at the club. However, with my recent purchase of Dreadfleet I really want a space to play at home as it will be rather impractical to transport everything needed to play. As our dining room table is too small for the seascape matt from the box I knew I would need to find a way to ’embiggen’ the tabletop (as they might say on The Simpsons). It was my stepdad who suggested using two pieces of loft floorboarding in order to increase the size of the table to the recommended 6’x4′. As these floorboards are ‘tongue and groove’, as I believe the technical term is, they hold together well and are surprisingly sturdy so there is no danger of them flipping up and catapulting dozens of painted models all over the room. It was also my stepdad who went to the effort of constructing it for me as well (I’m not very practical) so many thanks to Darren for this.

Our dining room table:

The ’embiggened’ table:

All set up for a game of Dreadfleet:

Here are some photos of the supports. You can see how the two pieces lock together and the wooden battens that fit the board snuggly against the edges of the table to prevent slippage:

Now that the foundations of the project are laid the plan is to create a set of 2’x2′ modular tiles from polystyrene insulation in order to provide a more interesting surface to play over. My first board is going to be for Mordheim, a game I hope to get back into in the New Year if I can drum up some support among my friends.

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