Space Wolf – part 2

Posted: Feb 25, 2012 in Warhammer 40k, Work-In-Progress
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Another quick update to show progress on the Space Wolf. The face, hair, wolf pelts and gold detail are all finished and the yellow areas have been blocked in but still need shading and highlighting. The ‘Eavy Metal guide for this model is interesting as it uses a lot of glazing on the skin and hair which is not a technique I normally use. I found the guide a little unreliable though and I ended up improvising a little in places in order to get the correct look. The hair ended up far too pale and washed out even after glazing and so I went back and touched it up with Vermin Brown and Blazing Orange to give it a bit more ‘pop’. It was good to experiment but I’m not sure I’ll be using these particular techniques again in a hurry.

  1. thedauntless says:

    Dude, you are fast! The paint hasn’t dried on my Flaming Scimitar before you’ve gotten through an entire new model! You’re making me feel mighty lazy here! You said you went off the page from the GW prescription too? I find their instructions don’t often link in with their own finished product lately, so I do wander off the page myself!

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