40k on the BBC

Posted: Mar 13, 2012 in Random Musings
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Is it just me or does Rebekah Brooks look more evil than those Necrons?

The BBC News website has an article on 40k in its magazine section today. It’s quite an interesting and humorous read, particularly the BBC’s concise summaries of the different 40k armies for the uninitiated (‘virtually invincible soulless metal warriors’ and ‘sadistic elfin pirates’ are two examples). Overall the article takes quite a positive approach to the hobby and gives hobbyists the chance to express why they like it. I particularly liked the response to the question of why tabletop wargaming is popular in the age of video games (‘It’s like why theatre remains popular in the age of cinema’ ) and comic-book writer and 40k fan, Kieron Gillen’s comment that: ‘It’s a universe that’s simultaneously nihilistic and joyous. It’s incredibly British in that way.’

It’s nice to see the hobby considered in such a positive way in a mainstream article. Well worth a read.

  1. Nice! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. =)

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