‘Ere come da orks

Posted: Apr 12, 2012 in Epic: Armageddon, Orks, Work-In-Progress
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Just a quick post to share what I’ve been up to recently. I’ve been spending my time cleaning and (re)basing some ork units for Epic.  I’ve always liked the idea of fielding a huge army of greenskins but knew that painting up all of those models for Warhammer or 40k would be impractical for one with my painting speed. However, Epic is the perfect game system for fielding ‘horde’ type armies. The models shown here were picked up on ebay and are a combination of the Space Marine era ‘Ork Invasion’ and ‘Ork Horde’ boxed sets along with the Epic 40k era ‘Ork Mob’ set. Together these offer a huge variety of different troop types and orks in different poses. I have combined ork boyz from different sets along with some of the obsolete troop types in order to create a suitably rag-tag look to my stands; after all, you don’t want orks to end up looking too unified. The inspiration for this came from Curtis’s orks over on Ninjabread and also Nico’s models on Realms of Chaos (both excellent blogs which are well worth checking out). Another source of inspiration was Carl Woodrow’s orks which can be seen on his old website Dropship which I’ve mentioned before here on Miniature Miscellany and is a great source for all things Epic.

When it came to basing the orks I wasn’t sure whether to use rectangular or round bases. Part of me thought that the orks would look better on round bases as this would make them less uniform (such as Curtis and Nico’s orks). However, in the end the decision was pretty much made for me as I have a box containing over a hundred of the Epic 40k strip bases and numerous square bases from older versions of Epic. As I had all of these bases  to hand it seemed only sensible to use rectangular bases. In addition to this a combination of strip, square and Warmaster bases would provide me with enough different size bases for all of the diverse troops and vehicles while still remaining visually coherent on the tabletop.

So far I have based enough orks for ‘Big’ mob (ork formations are either ‘Normal’, ‘Big’ or ”Uge’) along with enough buggies and warbikes  for two normal Kults of Speed or one big one. I also have a couple of Stompas and an assortment of infantry and big guns still to assemble which should provide me with a good starting point for a decent sized Waaagh!

All the best,


  1. Gus says:

    Looking really good Andy!

  2. Nico says:

    Hi, Orks are a nice choice for Epic scale.
    Many differents boyz, vehicules and Gargants… to make a big big whaaarg.
    First pics looks good, love Badmoonz too 🙂
    Bye, Nico.

  3. Andrew King says:

    Thanks. I’m glad you like them.

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