Ork test models

Posted: Apr 14, 2012 in Epic: Armageddon, Orks
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Here are a few models that I painted up in order to test my colour scheme for my orks. I opted for the traditional yellow and blue colours of the Bad Moonz klan. I am happy with the look of these models and plan to roll out the colour scheme for the whole formation. These models are also noteworthy as they are the first models that I have painted using the new Citadel paints and I have to say that I was very pleased with them.

Here you can see the new paints that I used for painting the orks’ skin. I chose these colours as they are really nice natural muted greens rather than the bright garish greens you sometimes see on orks and this fits my style better. I based the skin with Loren Green and washed this with Athonian Camoshade. When this was dry I highlighted the orks using Straken Green, a colour that is specifically designed as  a highlight for Loren Green. Having different variations of the same colour like this really makes army painting easier. The paints themselves were very smooth and provided good coverage. The new paints come in pots that are superficially similar to the previous edition paints although GW have fixed the problem of the pots not staying open by themselves which is a very welcome change (no more sticking bits of sprue under the lid to hold it open).

Here are some close ups of the orks:

Well, that’s three stands down, only a few dozen more to go…

Have a great weekend,


  1. Mister Feral says:

    I’m glad you approve of the new Citadel Paints, I too have had good experiences with the ones I got.

    The Orks are looking epic (I went there…), the muted greens and yellow work really well together! 🙂

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