Return to Saim Hann

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Epic: Armageddon
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On Friday I had a game of Epic against my regular opponent, Gus  from over at Epic Addiction. I faced his Steel Legion and even managed to win (although I can’t boast too much given that this is, to date, my only Epic victory). This, along with some encouragement from Gus, has inspired me to paint up the unfinished formations in my army. For these models I tried a different approach to painting than I did with my earlier formations. The main reason behind this was the new paint range and a desire to try out a few of the new colours. For the red I used Mephiston Red which is an absolutely fantastic paint. Before painting these models my interest in this army was waning because of the difficulty of painting red, which was quite an ardous and time-consuming colour to paint. My previous grav tanks took around six coats of paint in order to build up the colour. However, Mephiston Red covers brilliantly and is a really nice, deep red colour (trust me, as soon as you’ve tried it you’ll be waning to paint an army of Blood Angels or Saim Hann). These vehicles were very quick to paint (the Vyper only took a couple of hours from start to finish).

The vehicles were first basecoated using VMC Black Red. I then layered Mephiston Red over this avoiding the recesses. This was then highlighted Blood Red followed by Sqig Orange. The whole thing was then glazed using Baal Red with a little Lamian Medium. This added depth and richness to the colour and toned down the highlights. For the Falcons I decided to use white stripes as a contrasting colour simply for a bit of variation (my other grav tanks use black). The inspiration for this came from White Dwrf 366 which shows a 40k Night Spinner painted in a similar  colour scheme.

The Farseer riding a Vyper is from the Epic 40k ‘Supreme Commanders’ blister pack which contains Farseers mounted in Vypers and Falcons. Although in the current incarnation of the game there are no rules for these units they are nice, characterful models which add a bit of diversity to Epic formations.

I have also painted some test models for various  Aspect Warrior units. I intend to paint up stands of Aspect Warriors from each temple in order to allow me to adapt my formation to different roles. Here are some  Dark Reapers, Howling Banshees and Fire Dragons:

In terms of what’s next, I have ordered some more grav tanks in order to complete my Falcon formation. I also have a formation of jetbikes to paint and then I will have completed my first 3,000 points.

More soon,


  1. Botjer says:

    where did you get those falcons? forge world?

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