Red wunz go fasta!

Posted: Jun 26, 2012 in Epic: Armageddon, Orks
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Despite the lack of updates this month I have not been totally idle. I have finished painting up the first of my Kult of Speed formations for my orks. These are really nice detailed models from the Epic 40k era and were a joy to paint. First of all the models were painted with Boltgun Metal followed by Washes of Badab Black and Devlan Mud. Over this I applied Mephiston Red to the armour plates and highlighted them using Blood Red followed by Sqig Orange. I then embellished the buggies with a bit of freehand in order to add some more visual interest to the models. This mainly took the form of dags, checks and yellow flame patterns.

Some close-ups:




Blitz Brigade

It hasn’t just been the Evil Sunz that have been receiving attention this month. I also painted some Gun Wagonz for my Bad Moonz. So far I only have four finished but I plan on adding more along with some Oddboy characters and some flakwagonz.




Social Networking

In other news, I am experimenting with social networking and Miniature Miscellany is now on Twitter. Hopefully this will allow me to keep you updated on what I’m doing when it doesn’t warrant a full blog post. You can follow me or contact me, should you so wish, @Mini_Miscellany on Twitter. The Twitter feed will also be visible on the Miniature Miscellany homepage.

All the best,


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