Imperial fleet finished

Posted: Nov 2, 2012 in Battlefleet Gothic
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The other day I showed off my finished Imperial cruisers. With the addition of a couple of escort squadrons I now have a finished fleet. I have enough models to field roughly 1,200 points but I plan on slowly adding more ships to my collection in the future.

For those of you wondering what the marks are for on the base, these are in-game aids. The game mechanics of Battlefleet Gothic hinge around the relative positions of ships to one another (moving away, abeam, closing etc) which alter the effectiveness of firepower. The marks should make it easier to tell which arc a ship is in at a glance.

My newly-painted escorts:

The Cobras are white simply to add a bit of variety to the force. They were inspired by the Earth Force ships from Babylon 5 (possibly my favourite TV show of all time). They were airbrushed Fenrisian Grey over a white undercoat before being drybrushed Ceramite White. I’m not normally a fan of drybrushing, preferring layered highlights, but I think the technique works really well on Battlefleet Gothic models and brings out the sculpted details nicely. The basecoat of Fenrisian Grey helps tie them in with the rest of the fleet as this is the final highlight colour on the blue ships. Subtle things like this can make an army look really unified even when individual units are painted in different colour schemes.

The whole fleet assembled and ready for action in the Gothic Sector:

Finally, here is a bit of BFG related humour which I think will appeal to all fans of the 40k universe:


Thanks to Gus for Tweeting me this. I also encourage you to check out his BFG models over on Epic Addiction.

Have a great weekend,


  1. Fabbe says:

    Your fleet looks absolutely brilliant! I would love to paint one up in the same colors as your cruisers. How did you paint those?

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