Brother Librarian Turmiel

Posted: Jan 16, 2013 in Dark Angels, Warhammer 40k
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Another Dark Vengeance miniature is finished. I am really enjoying painting this set, the models are all fantastic. My one criticism of Turmiel is that he is perhaps a little too detailed. This made painting the model a bit of a challenge as there are a lot of different bits to paint and I wanted to avoid using too many colours as I didn’t want the model to become a confusing mess or look like an explosion in a paint factory. For this reason I used a lot of neutral colours for the details in order to allow the blue to really stand out.


My other concern when painting this model was that he fit in with the look of the rest of the force despite wearing the livery of a librarian rather than the dark green armour of his brethren. In order to achieve this I used a very dark blue (Regal Blue) as the basecoat and used the same edge highlighting technique I used on the tactical squad. In addition to this the robes are painted to match Raphael and the Deathwing terminators and details such as the shoulder pads and embroidery on the robes are picked out in green. Hopefully he will fit in with the rest of the army while still remaining unique.

Force Sword

The force sword was another area that gave me a bit of trouble. Initially I painted the pattern on it blue but this ended up too similar to the rest of the model. Instead I opted to go for an ‘old school’ look and paint the sword with a red pattern. I think there is enough red elsewhere in the army that this works.

I game terms I’m not sure which psychic discipline to give him. I may opt for ‘Divination’ or ‘Biomancy’ as I like the idea of psychic powers that can enhance other units in the army or debilitate the enemy rather than simply destructive ones. I’ll give this a bit more though once I’ve read through Codex: Dark Angels which I plan on purchasing at the weekend.


  1. SamSagace says:

    A great painting work ! impressive figure !
    congrats !

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