Ravenwing 1

I have finished the first model of my Ravenwing squad. As with my Deathwing terminators, I took special care with the Ravenwing to make sure that they are consistent with the rest of the army. Details such as the gold, eye lenses, scroll work and purity seals are painted the same way as on all of my other Dark Angels and the gun casings are painted in green to tie in with the tactical marines. In addition to this, the ‘feathers’ on the back of the bike are painted using the same palette as on the Deathwing armour.

Ravenwing 2


I only have two more bikers and Master Balthazar to paint and I have finished the Dark Angels army from Dark Vengeance. Here is a shot of my little army all together (click for a bigger image):

Dark Angel Army

All the best,


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