Astral Claws assault squad

Posted: Jul 29, 2013 in Astral Claws, Warhammer 40k
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Astral Claws Assault Squad

This squad really showcases what I love about Space Marines, the huge range range of interchangeable kits produced by both Games Workshop and Forge World provides great scope for customisation. Although this squad is primarily based around the mkIV Assault Squad from Forge World, I wanted to maintain the eclectic and individual look of each of the Marines and have included a number of plastic parts as well. I have mixed up different armour types so that only one marine has a full set of mkIV plate whereas the others combine parts from different patterns of armour. I imagine that each chapter maintains older types of armour and wargear but, over time, parts become irreparably damaged and pieces from different types of armour are combined to make up full suits. This also leaves me with a number of spare parts to be scattered through other squads.

With this squad I have gone with the ‘rule of cool’ rather than think strictly about rules and army lists. As a painter and modeller I’m more concerned with the aesthetic of my models than the game. I know that Assault Squads cannot take hand flamers but they look great and that’s the main thing. If I do ever play a game with them I’ll probably just count them as flamers.

Click on the pictures for larger images.

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