Tactical Squad – Finished

Posted: Aug 31, 2013 in Astral Claws, Warhammer 40k
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Astral Claws Tactical Squad

Yet more Space Marines stride forth in the silver and blue livery of the Astral Claws. This six man squad is kitted out for anti-infantry duties and so have been given weapons with high numbers of shots. At some point these guys will get a Forge World Razorback to ride in and so will stay at six men rather than being expanded into a full Tactical Squad.

I added a power sword as an opportunity to paint a crackling lightning effect across its surface. Not only does this look cool but it also helps the sword blade stand out from the silver of the rest of the model.

Another fun detail is the marine throwing a grenade. With the reintroduction of thrown grenades in the latest edition of the game I thought it would be fun to represent this ability on a model. It also adds variety to the number of poses in the squad.

  1. Phil morris says:

    Great work. I wish my astral claws looked that crisp (www.meltaburn.blogspot.com) the heavy Bolter wielding battle-brother is especially cool!

    • Andrew King says:


      Great work on your own Astral Claws by the way. I just had a look at you blog and you’ve got some nice stuff going on there. I particularly like your Inquisitor models.

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