Space Marine Centurion wip

A little more work on the Centurion. Almost there…

  1. Looks good, liking the grav cannon load out. I’m still not sold on these guys though..

  2. Hydrapup says:

    Looking at your work in progress I was kinda digging it until the shoulder pads were attached… I think Aesthetically they are the biggest issue for me… The big unwieldy legs kinda annoyed me at first but then I thought hey space marine armour is hardly practical any how…. i’m still not sold on the concept but I may consider modding some at some point just for the challenge. Good work on the paint job so far!

  3. Hydrapup says:

    I should add even your unfinished paintjob makes it look so much better than the GW examples I don’t know what going on with there unflatering paintjobs of late.

  4. Andrew King says:

    Thanks for the compliments.

    You could always do a -stripped-down’ version of the Centurions by leaving off the shoulder pads and knee armour.

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