Astral Claws Dreadnought

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@Mini_Miscellany), will have seen this already. I’m quite pleased with how he’s coming along but I’m not entirely sure about the blue panels on the front. I think they make him look a little too blue when viewed head on. However, I am reluctant to go back and change them at this stage. I think today I’ll take a break from him and focus on some Lord of the Rings miniatures instead and come back to him later.

  1. greggles says:

    Try breaking up the left blue panel with some free hand, or transfers (or maybe some clever bits). Then it won’t look so blue from head on!

  2. Mchael Eger says:

    I agree that a decal will help break up the blue and keep him looking like an Astral Claw. Do you have any plans to paint some Astral Claw bikers? I’m assembling some for my army and I’m not sure if I should but blue on the side of the fenders or the top.

    • Andrew King says:

      I have been thinking of painting some Astral Claw bikers. You don’t see many around but they are an important part of the army according to the fluff.

      I’m not sure which parts I would paint silver and which blue. It’s always a hard decision when painting silver vehicles.I would probably paint the sides of the wheels blue and weather the ‘working bits’ more than the polished silver armour.

  3. Leeman says:

    I know said you’re not keen to repaint his chest, but have you considered painting the upper arms blue instead of the chest pieces? That could look cool and tie in with the marines which have blue shoulder pads? 🙂 Looks awesome though!

    • Andrew King says:

      My original plan was to paint blue stripes down the shoulder plates in a similar way to what I have done on my vehicles and I now regret not following it. I’m going to take a break from this model for now until I decide what to do. I may removed the from plate and replace them with some of the alternatives in the kit but I want to be sure that I will not damage the model doing this.

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