Work in progress – Lord of the Rings

Posted: Jul 9, 2014 in Lord of the Rings, Mordor, Work-In-Progress
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Mordor Uruk Hai

Just a quick update to share some Mordor uruk hai that I am currently working on. As you can see, they are all in various stages of painting. In the background are some Men of Gondor who I have also started.

And here are some other projects I have on the go as well. I never seem to be able to stick to one thing for long. Is anyone else a ‘hobby butterfly’?

Work in Progress

  1. Sam Wise says:

    Nice work !!
    I’m like you (and we are not alone!) : I’ve always a lot of WIP (and some WINP: Work in No Progress!).
    I like “Hobby Butterfly” : excellent find !

  2. Dr Slater says:

    Dude; i love it; it looks awesome!

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