Astral Claws DreadnoughtThe Astral Claws dreadnought is now more or less complete. I will probably go back and add a freehand name to the scroll on the sarcophagus at a later date. However, at the moment I am distracted by the amazing new Harlequin models. The model is equipped to provide long-range fire support with its twin-linked lascannon and missile launcher.Astral Claws Dreadnought I opted for a lot less blue on this dreadnought than my first one. I think Astral Claws should be primarily silver and too much blue can overwhelm them. Also, as a standard dreadnought rather than a venerable one I wanted him to be less ornate.Astral Claws Dreadnought The engine stacks were heavily weathered with washes and Typhus corrosion to get a heat-stained, soot-covered look. This adds a bit of texture to the model and distinguishes them from the other metal areas.Astral Claws Dreadnought  Astral Claws Dreadnought

I also added a few sooty streaks to the exhaust vents of the missile launcher.

Here is a sneak peak of my next project (which you may already have seen if you follow me on Twitter), Eldar Harlequins.

Plastic Harlequins 2015

More soon.


  1. Greg Hess says:

    Looking Good Andy!

    Very clean looking dread with great attention to detail. (the lenses and metallic details are very nice).

    Your base is absolutely stellar in it’s construction and excellent use of variety to generate interest.

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