Some work-in-progress Harlequins.

Harlequin wip


Harlequin wip


Harlequin wip

I have also started to assemble some Skyweaver Jetbikes.

Skyweaver Jetbikes wip

Together with a converted Viper. I’ve had the viper since it was first released (it was something of an impulse pre-order). Originally I was going to convert it into Nuadu Fireheart (an old Saim-Hann character) although it never happened and the model has languished in a box ever since. Maybe the Harlequin release will finally provide me with the motivation I need to actually do something with this model.

Skyweaver Jetbikes

  1. Jarrett Lee says:

    Your work on the diamond patterns is superb. Did you do it the way GW suggested, with a grid you fill in? If so did you brush the grid or use a micron pen or something? I’ve tried to start mine but keep kinda messing it up.

    • Andrew King says:

      I painted a grid first and then filled in the shapes. I used a 3/0 paintbrush and thinned black paint for the grid.

      I will go into more detail in a future post but essentially I divided the sleeve/leg into quarters with straight lines running down the front, back and each side. I then filled the space between the lines with columns of crosses. This provided a guide for the placement of the crosses and ensured that they met up at the other side. I only found this out through trial and error. The first couple of Harlequins were painted without the vertical lines and they were much harder to do.

  2. Greg Hess says:

    Agree with Jarrett…wow on those diamonds. So clean and crisp!

  3. Andrew King says:

    Thanks, guys. The finished models are now up on the blog.

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