Wych Cult of Strife

Here is my first completed model for my Dark Eldar army: a test model for the Wych Cult of Strife. Originally she was painted int he red and black colour scheme of the Wych Cult of Domination (see White Dwarf 241) as I wanted my Wych Cult members to have a different colour scheme to the rest of my Dark Eldar. However, the black and red was lacking something and so I repainted the armour green and bronze and added a purple sash.


Wych Cult of Strife

Wych Cult of Strife

Wych Cult of Strife

A close up of the glow effect on the sword:


I have also done a little more work on the venom:

Dark Eldar Venom

Let me know what you think.


  1. greggles says:

    Fantastic highlight work Andy. Really catches the eye!

  2. VoltRon says:

    Wow, that face! Nice work! What actually caught my eye was the very subtle yet vibrant glow of the green tubes. It really pops among the mostly darker colors.

  3. Sam Wise says:

    nothing to say except “wow” !

  4. 40kterminatus says:

    Very well done😀

  5. technasma says:

    Superb work on the face there! Loving the subtle kitbash with the Harlequin arm too – looks far more elegant than the hench pistol-wielding arms that come in the kit. Bravo!

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