Venom Gunner

Just a quick update to show the finished gunner who will be glued to the back of the venom when it is finished. As you can see, I have used a Kabalite gunner from the raider kit to build him rather than the wych gunner who comes with the set. This is because I plan on switching them around and using the wych gunner on a raider so that it matches the wych squad it will transport.

  1. Aexdos says:

    I really like how the green armour turned out. I am striving to get a similar look on my models but have so far failed in doing so. If you do not mind me asking, what colors and techniques were used?

    • Andrew King says:


      The model was sprayed Incubi Darkness (sadly no longer available in a spray can). The recesses were shaded with Nuln Oil and the edges of the armour were then highlighted with Kabalite Green followed by Sybarite Green. Simple.

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