Inq28 Bounty Hunter

Work continues on the bounty hunter for Inquisitor Caleb Sterne’s retinue. I am really pleased with the face as it has turned out exactly the way I envisioned him: a hard-bitten veteran of many adventures. I think the stubble and shaved head really add to this.

Inq28 Bounty Hunter

The colour scheme was one of the hardest parts of this model to figure out which is why there has been such a delay between finishing building him and getting some paint on him. Initially, I knew I wanted a lot of black on him but didn’t have a clearer idea than that. In the end I opted for a colour scheme which would give him an individual look but also tie him in with Inquisitor Sterne. For that reason I painted the black coat and grey armour using the same methods as I used for the inquisitor. I then added some chips and scratches to the armour and glazed the bottom of the armour plates with Agrax Earthshade thinned with Lahmia Medium to make them appear well used, further emphasising the nature of the character.

Inq28 Bounty Hunter

In other news, I can announce that I will be returning to Warhammer World in the new year for a three-month stint as a Studio Painter. I really enjoyed the experience last time and am looking forward to going back.

Have a great Christmas everybody!


  1. Alex says:

    Very cool – that is one grizzled vet! Have a good Crimbo mate, & have fun at WW!

  2. Thor says:

    This guy is looking great. I really like the skin tones. Mind telling me how you did the face?

    • Andrew King says:

      Hi, I’m glad you like him.

      The face involved a lot of back and forth between shading and highlighting the face to get it to look right but these are the basic steps.

      1) Start with Tallarn Flesh washed with Reikland Fleshshade. I then applied Agrax Earthshade to the recesses.

      2) Highlight the flesh Cadian Fleshtone followed by Cadian Fleshtone with increasing amounts of Elf Flesh added.

      3) Paint under the eyelids with a mix of Tallarn Flesh and blue (I think I used Kantor Blue). Glaze the lips with Bloodletter Glaze. Rehighlight these areas with Elf Flesh.

      4) Final highlights added by mixing Elf Flesh and and Flayed One Flesh up to pure Flayed One.

      5) Make a mix of Lahmia Medium, Tallarn Flesh and Dawnstone and apply this to the hairline and jawline for the stubble.

      6) Repeat this step when dry with Rhinox added to the previous mix.

      7) Rehighlight the face with Elf Flesh/Flayed One.

      8) Paint the eyes black and add two white dots at either side. Redefine the eye sockets with Tallarn Flesh/Agrax Earthshade if necessary.

      I use a mix of old and new paints depending on what I have in my collection. The important thing is to keep the transitions smooth. Using other colours like red and blue adds a more lifelike look to the face.

      Hope this helps.

      • Thor says:

        Damn. That’s an impressive amount of steps but there’s no arguing with the result. Thanks for the walk through.

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