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This evening I have been having a bit of a play around with the new Citadel texture paints. It was specifically the the new Valhallan Blizzard paint (the snow effect) that I was interested in as I have always liked the idea of snow bases but the effect of realistic snow has always been difficult to achieve.

I must stress that this article is not a review as such (I work for GW so I cannot claim objectivity) rather my thoughts on how to best use the paints.

The base shown above was first painted using the new version of Armageddon Dust, washed with Agrax Earthshade and drybrushed Screaming Skull. Tufts of Mordheim Turf were then applied using superglue. The rim of the base was finished with Steel Legion Drab.

The next stage was to add the snow. This was done by simply applying patches where I wanted snow. Here are my observations based on using Valhallan Blizzard for the first time.

  1. As with any paint, it is best to apply the texture paint thinly at first and then build up layers once it is dry. A thin layer of Valhallan Blizzard will still show the original base colour underneath and add the effect of thin or thawing snow. Heavier snow piles can be built up by adding layers on top concentrating on the middle of the pile. This leaves the thawed snow around the edges and simulates the snow melting in a realistic way.
  2. The best results can be achieved by combing different materials. In this example I added gloss varnish over the snow to add a glistening effect which makes the snow look more realistic.
  3. Valhallan Blizzard can appear discoloured by the paint underneath. Adding more of the texture paint or even painting over the top with white gets rid of this appearance.
  4. This paint looks at is best, in my opinion, when combined with tufts. Small blobs of Valhallan Blizzard can be painted directly onto the tufts which, when dry, look great. This also stops the base looking too monotonous.

I think I will definitely be adding snow to the bases of the Crimson Fists that I am currently working on for a staff painting challenge. More on this later.


Let there be light

Posted: Jan 26, 2012 in Hobby Stuff

For my birthday today my wife bought me a Konig Portable Photography Studio (thanks, Lindsey). I’ve been wanting a light tent for ages and this is a nice compact design which folds away into its own carry case. The studio consists of a  light tent, the two lamps pictured, a camera stand and a number of coloured backgrounds. Hopefully this will make miniature photography much easier and improve the quality of the pictures here on Miniature Miscellany. One model I had trouble photographing before was my Mordheim ghoul (owing to the pale colours). Here is how he looks photographed in the studio:

and here is my vampire. On the left is the vampire without the studio and on the right is the vampire in the studio:

In both cases a significant improvement. The camera stand certainly makes it a lot easier to take decent photos. I’m still having trouble getting the lighting right but I think I just  need to experiment more and find out what works and what doesn’t. I’ll also have to try out the different coloured backgrounds.

If any of you bloggers out there have any miniature photography tips please let me know.

All the best,


On display

Posted: Nov 8, 2011 in Hobby Stuff
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My painting progress has slowed somewhat recently owing to my discovery of HBO’s excellent fantasy series, Game of Thrones (thanks to Nick for introducing me to the show). If you love Warhammer then I would highly recommend the show to you; it’s utterly compelling.

Anyway, not all has been quiet on the hobby front. Over the weekend I managed to assemble one of IKEA’s Detolf display cabinets. For all everyone jokes about the complexity of IKEA instructions the cabinet fit together very easily and provides a great way of showing off  miniatures. No longer will nicely painted models be condemned to stay in foam storage cases away from sight. It even has a fitting for attaching a light.

Here are a few shots of the cabinet’s contents so far:

That’s all for now.