Death Guard

The Project

My Death Guard project began in January 2010. I really like the ‘old school’ Plague Marine models produced by Forge World. They capture the feel of Nurgle perfectly and are a great improvement on the rather squidgy-looking Plague Marines produced by GW. The paint scheme is that of the Lords of Decay, a Death Guard sub-faction. The codex shows a small picture of a Lords of Decay marine in dirty white armour with red details but my inspiration was taken from Imperial Armour: The Siege of Vraks III which contains a much better picture of the Lords of Decay colour scheme.

The main idea behind this army was to get a painted force on the tabletop as quickly as possible as part of my desire to get back into the gaming side of the hobby. To that end I used a number of techniques to speed up the painting process while still maintaining a relatively high standard. In order to achieve this I employed an airbrush to quickly base coat the marines with GW’s Dheneb Stone which was drybrushed Skull White before adding paint chips using a piece of sponge cut from a blister pack and a mix of Chaos Black and Scorched Brown. The models were then varnished (using Purity Seal spray) and washed with Burnt Umber oil paint thinned with white spirits in order to bring out the detail. The varnish provides a smooth surface for the oil paint and capillary action means that the paint will flow into the crevices. At this stage the models were still too light and were washed with Devlan Mud in order to darken the tone. The blood was a mix of Tamiya Clear Red and Scorched Brown with a drop of Chaos Black; this produces a really sickly gorey effect which is perfect for the Death Guard. The metalics were painted Boltgun Metal and washed with Badab Black followed by thinned Bestial Brown and Vermin Brown to produce a corroded look.

Overall this was a good exercise in army painting which produced some surprising results. However, I don’t think I would paint an army this way again. While these techniques are quick, they only allow you to paint a model to a certain standard, there’s no oportunity to add extra highlights or blending to character models.

Click on the images for larger pictures.

Lord Morbidus, Sorcerer of Nurgle

Squad Festus

Squad Pestile

To be continued…

I have a couple more models awaiting photography including a Dreadnought and a  Blight Drone as well as a couple more squads that need to be finished off. Hopefully these will be added soon.

  1. Ruins of Arotha says:

    Great scheme there, nice to see another pallid looking Death Guard force

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