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Grim Hammers

I’ve finished my Dwarf Grim Hammers. As I mentioned in my last post, I used a few shortcuts on these guys and they were very quick to paint with pleasing results. The beards were painted either Mournfang Brown, Rhinox Hide or Zandri Dust and then washed with Agrax Earthshade. They were then highlighted Skag Brown,¬† Gorthor Brownand Ushabti Bone respectively. The cloth is either Abaddon Black mixed with Kommando Khaki or VMC Black Brown mixed with Kommando Khaki (to help differentiate the two areas of black cloth). they were the based to fir in with my LotR/Hobbit collection.


Grim Hammers

I have started work on a set of dwarf ‘Grim Hammers’ from The Hobbit. I have used a couple of short cuts on these models and they have been very quick to paint, just a couple of sessions to get them to their current stage. Firstly, I undercoated the models using Tamiya light gun metal spray. I did this over a black undercoat as my tests found that this gives a better finish than applying it over bare plastic (although you can spray directly onto the plastic but you will need a couple of coats). I then washed the models with Nuln Oil and left them to dry thoroughly. Once dry I gave them a quick drybrush with Necron Compound and then blocked in the basic colours for the non-metal areas. I just need to apply a few highlights now and they’ll be done.

Grim Hammer