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Harlequin Vehicles

Over the last couple of weeks I have been slowly assembling the vehicles to go with my Harlequin troupe. Not only do the kits look fantastic but they are really well designed too and many of the components fit together so well that when dry-fitting them they remained in place even without glue.

Skyweaver Jetbikes

The Skyweaver Jetbikes are the models that first attracted me to the Harlequin range and so it has been great fun putting them together. My one criticism of the models is that they do not attach to the flying stands very well and will need gluing in place. However, this is a minor niggle. For these models I have tried to match the masks of the riders to the ‘mask’ on the jetbike, so here both riders have skull-like masks to match the canopy of the bike.

Some work-in-progress Harlequins.

Harlequin wip


Harlequin wip


Harlequin wip

I have also started to assemble some Skyweaver Jetbikes.

Skyweaver Jetbikes wip

Together with a converted Viper. I’ve had the viper since it was first released (it was something of an impulse pre-order). Originally I was going to convert it into Nuadu Fireheart (an old Saim-Hann character) although it never happened and the model has languished in a box ever since. Maybe the Harlequin release will finally provide me with the motivation I need to actually do something with this model.

Skyweaver Jetbikes

In my previous post I mentioned that I played a game against Gus’s Steel Legion Imperial Guard on Friday. Since then Gus has posted up some pictures of the battle on his blog. You can see my army in action here.

I have finished another Windrider Host. Well, I say finished, they are still in need of some freehand on the canopies. The ideas was to use different designs on each of my formations in order to distinguish them from one another. My previous formations use the two symbols commonly associated with Saim Hann: the cosmic serpent and the two entwined serpents. I have yet to decide on what to use for the third unit. Has anyone got any suggestions?

Here are all of my jetbikes together:

That’s a lot of jetbikes but then it is a Saim Hann army.

In addition to the jetbikes I have also painted up some Eldar Rangers. These have been finished a while now although I have yet to field them in a game. I put fewer models on each stand and tried to make them look as though they were moving through dense terrain, hence there are more ruins and bushed on the bases than on my Guardians.

I only have three grav tanks to go and I will have finished my first 3,000 points…


Just another quick post to share my progress on the Eldar. As you can see, some are more finished than others. All of them have been airbrushed with Red Gore followed by a Red Gore/Blood Red mix in order to get the basecoat and initial shading. The ones on the left have been highlighted further with a brush using pure Blood Red. I have also painted the helmets, gemstones and started to add some freehand designs.

This time I have opted for the slightly more complex twin serpents motif. At first I was worried that this looked a little too fussy on models of this size but after completing a few I think it looks really effective. The idea behind using different designs on the jetbikes is to distinguish the different formations from one another on the tabletop. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the next troupe as I’ve used the two characteristic designs of Saim-Hann already. I might use the ‘Guardian Jetbike’ rune from Codex Eldar but I’ll have to give this some thought.

Expect more and better pictures when they are complete.

My thesis has been keeping me very busy at the moment but here are a few of the projects currently occupying my desktop along with my books. Hopefully at least some of these guys will see progress over the course of the weekend. Stay tuned.

Over the weekend I managed to finish my jetbikes. These are such an emblematic unit of the Eldar, and Saim-Hann in particular, that I just had to include some. To mount them I clipped off the chunky plastic flight stand that is attached to the model and, after filing the area smooth, drilled a small hole with a pin vice and inserted a length of brass rod. Not only is the brass rod less obtrusive than the original plastic stand, but it provides the opportunity to add a little more dynamism to the models by changing the height or the angles at which the jetbikes are flying. I chose to add only two jetbikes to each stand as I thought any more than this would look too crowded (the rulebook suggests using between two and four models per stand).

For painting all of my Eldar I started with a black undercoat over which I applied Scab Red. This was then highlighted using Red Gore, a Red Gore/Blood Red mix and finally pure Blood Red. For the jetbikes I added a few details such as the freehand ‘cosmic serpent’ emblem and the blue gemstones. A few simple touches like this really makes the models stand out.