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Venom Gunner

Just a quick update to show the finished gunner who will be glued to the back of the venom when it is finished. As you can see, I have used a Kabalite gunner from the raider kit to build him rather than the wych gunner who comes with the set. This is because I plan on switching them around and using the wych gunner on a raider so that it matches the wych squad it will transport.

Wych Cult of Strife

Here is my first completed model for my Dark Eldar army: a test model for the Wych Cult of Strife. Originally she was painted int he red and black colour scheme of the Wych Cult of Domination (see White Dwarf 241) as I wanted my Wych Cult members to have a different colour scheme to the rest of my Dark Eldar. However, the black and red was lacking something and so I repainted the armour green and bronze and added a purple sash.


Wych Cult of Strife

Wych Cult of Strife

Wych Cult of Strife

A close up of the glow effect on the sword:


I have also done a little more work on the venom:

Dark Eldar Venom

Let me know what you think.