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Venom Gunner

Just a quick update to show the finished gunner who will be glued to the back of the venom when it is finished. As you can see, I have used a Kabalite gunner from the raider kit to build him rather than the wych gunner who comes with the set. This is because I plan on switching them around and using the wych gunner on a raider so that it matches the wych squad it will transport.

Dark Eldar Venom

A Hobby Detour

As is so often the case, my hobby plans have shifted slightly. Originally I was planning on allying my Harlequins with a Craftworld Eldar force. However, the brand-new Harlequins really showed up how dated the Eldar range is. Instead ideas started growing in my mind of collecting a Dark Eldar army instead. As luck would have it, the opportunity to purchase a sizeable Dark Eldar army at a significantly discounted price came up via a friend of a friend.

At the moment I am uncertain what colours to use to paint my Harlequin jetbikes; I want them to look like the deep purple jetbikes seen on the cover of White Dwarf but I’m unsure what paints to use to achieve this. As a result, I decided to put the Harlequins on hold and get started with the Dark Eldar instead, using the venom I assembled earlier as a test model.

Dark Eldar Venom

The model is painted in the colours of the Kabal of the Black Heart. It was primed black before being given a basecoat using Incubi Darkness spray paint. Highlights of Kabalite Green were airbrushed on. The panel lines were shaded with Nuln Oil and a subtle edge highlight of Kabailte Green was applied (although they are hard to see in the photo). The next step will be to add further highlights using Sybarite Green before painting the details.


Harlequin Vehicles

Over the last couple of weeks I have been slowly assembling the vehicles to go with my Harlequin troupe. Not only do the kits look fantastic but they are really well designed too and many of the components fit together so well that when dry-fitting them they remained in place even without glue.

Skyweaver Jetbikes

The Skyweaver Jetbikes are the models that first attracted me to the Harlequin range and so it has been great fun putting them together. My one criticism of the models is that they do not attach to the flying stands very well and will need gluing in place. However, this is a minor niggle. For these models I have tried to match the masks of the riders to the ‘mask’ on the jetbike, so here both riders have skull-like masks to match the canopy of the bike.