About Miniature Miscellany

As its name suggests, Miniature Miscellany is a blog devoted to a diverse range of models. I don’t intend to do anything profound or insightful here. It is simply a blog to chart my endeavors in the world of painting and modelling and provide a place where I can share my thoughts on the hobby. Hopefully it will also serve to inspire others with their own projects.


  1. Docdom says:

    Great Epic Ork Boyz! I also like their bases a lot. What colours did you use?

    • Andrew King says:


      I’m glad you liked my orks. The bases of all of my Epic models were sanded and then undercoated with Chaos Black primer. Over this I applied a heavy drybrush of graveyard Earth (you might need to use two coats to get good coverage). This was then lightly drybrushed Bleach Bone and the rims were painted Graveyard Earth. Now that Graveyard Earth is no longer available I have been using P3 Battledress Green which I happened to have to hand and is virtually the same colour.

      With Epic I find that it is easier to paint the base first and then pick out the individual figures on the stands seperately.


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