Blood Warrior test model

Posted: Jan 28, 2016 in Age of Sigmar, Chaos
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Following on from my first Blood Reaver, here is another test model for my Age of Sigmar Chaos force. I followed the same method as the Blood Reaver to keep the force consistent. I’m not 100% certain about how well the black armour works on Blood Warriors but I think this is the colour scheme I will go with.


Initially I painted the face on the right arm gold like the trim but I didn’t really like the effect as it was a bit too ‘blinging’. A colleague, Stuart Edney, convince me to repaint it as daemonic flesh as though the armour is transforming and I really like the effect. It adds something a bit different to the armour and really makes the colour scheme pop. Below you can see the original paint job.



I have also started to roll out the colour scheme to the rest of the models now that I am satisfied with it.


  1. Alex says:

    They look great mate – nice change from the same old red ‘n’ bronze

  2. Cool!! Nice metal work

  3. ejhenries says:

    Alex totally hit the nail on the head, the red and bronze is a classic however your scheme really works. If you wanted to throw a bit of red in, you could always do some blood splatters here and there (Eternal Hunt literally just posted a World Eater article that had a whole bunch of good stuff Apologies for the insanely long link, I’ve no idea how linking articles works (you also may already know all about the technique as well). Awesome stuff, they look ace.

  4. Marcus says:

    Beautiful paintjob man! So nice to see people experimenting with colourschemes! That black fits the khorne perfectly

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